16.1 Adding landmarks

So you want to add a landmark to a page?
Drop the landmarks you want to use into your rezzed book first. Select the page by clicking on it, then click the Landmark button in the bottom button bar. A dialog will show that allows you to select a Landmark, click on one, then select “Ok”.

The Landmark button on the Creator will highlight if there is a landmark linked to this page. Done!

To remove it again, click the Icon, choose “Clear” from the dialog, click “Ok”, Done!

Once printed, the landmark icon will show up in the final book on the respective page

More To Explore

17.1 Customize buttons

In the Book Creator’s inventory, you can find 4 textures. Two ending ” default” and two ending with ” red” Those textures are samples for

17 Make it your own

Beyond adding pages, and content, there are some more things you can do to customize your book and make it just your own.