Profiler Quickstart

Thank you for buying Torgon’s KC Profiler, here’s how you start using it.

  1. Rez your profiler on the ground
  2. Click the cat you want to show on the profiler.
    If the cat does not belong to you, the cat will display a lot of information in chat.
    If the cat belongs to you, you’ll have to click the “Info” button from the cat’s menu to get the same information.
  3. From the cat’s information copy the pedigree link which looks like this:
    If you do not see that link, please check the “Troubleshooting” section on how to enable it.
  4. Now click the profiler to show it’s menu
  5. On the profiler’s menu click ‘List Male’ or ‘List Female’, depending on the gender of your cat.
    This choice only matters if the cat is boxed, if the cat is already born the profiler can detect the cats gender automatically and you are free to choose your button.
  6. A text input box shows
  7. Paste the pedigree link from above into the text input box
  8. Press “submit” to send the link to the profiler
  9. After a couple of seconds, the cat’s traits show on the profiler.
  10. If you enable(d) the price feature in the options menu, the profiler will ask for the price of the cat
    To do that, it shows a text input box. If you enter 0 and click submit, or click ignore, no price will be set.
  11. If you enable(d) the market feature in the options menu, the cat will show up on the web market.

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