03 How to add your first page

Empty book creator

Well, but filling it is quite easy!

In the following screenshots i use the viewer’s prim edit mode, which is neither required nor recommended! I use it just to show the drop-areas on the book creator.

Empty book creator in edit mode (not required to use), before dropping the first page

Just drag a texture (full perm only, sorry) from your inventory to one of the page fields and let it drop there.

Empty book creator in edit mode (not required to use), after dropping the first texture

Why did i use the second page here? Remember, a book’s first page is usually the right one.
If you drop on the wrong field, the refresh button at the bottom will fix it for you!

More To Explore

17.1 Customize buttons

In the Book Creator’s inventory, you can find 4 textures. Two ending ” default” and two ending with ” red” Those textures are samples for

17 Make it your own

Beyond adding pages, and content, there are some more things you can do to customize your book and make it just your own.