KittyCats Market

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If you are a KittyCats breeder, or just like their cats, our marketplace is where you can show off your successes or find your next pet!

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You are a profiler owner? Find the manual here:

A short video explaining how to get the correct pedigree link the profilers need (with thanks and regards to Julia)

You want to buy a new profiler? Visit the store at or get it on Marketplace:

A profiler where cats can be listed by others than just the owner? Get the group version:

More To Explore

17.1 Customize buttons

In the Book Creator’s inventory, you can find 4 textures. Two ending ” default” and two ending with ” red” Those textures are samples for

17 Make it your own

Beyond adding pages, and content, there are some more things you can do to customize your book and make it just your own.