11 Printing

Your book looks all nice and pretty on the creator, but thats hardly a book?

Well, just hit the print button!

If you rezzed a book from the creator before, the creator will print its content to that book. Otherwise, after a few seconds delay, it will rez a new and empty book and use that as print destination.

You can now click that book to flip the pages, or take it and add it as a hud.

Resizing the book can be done using normal prim editing tools, but you can not change the width/height (aspect/ratio) of the book in an easy way.

More To Explore

17.1 Customize buttons

In the Book Creator’s inventory, you can find 4 textures. Two ending ” default” and two ending with ” red” Those textures are samples for

17 Make it your own

Beyond adding pages, and content, there are some more things you can do to customize your book and make it just your own.